I have a special crush on religious art and all its forms, paintings, sculptures, jewelry. It turns out, religious people, those people who have something to believe in and trust on it can actually make miracles; if only I was one of them. In this post we're going to see different versions of Virgin Mary Prints of art on different clothes, accesories and  jewels as well.




There are some days I feel really into dark avantgarde, or at least total black. I want to dress in black and go somewhere very quite to relax at night. These moments I wish I had a gothic-taste wardrobe. So this post is dedicated to any dark/gothic/avantgarde/postpunk look and accessories that I would definately wear. If anyone of you is a goth/dark look lover send me an artistic picture of you or your clothes/jewels so I can make a post of your pictures. :)

and for the end of the post these brilliant shoes: you can see the shocks. 
they seem faux leather and that's the only reason they are here <3



As I've told you before, my favourite colour is white. It's pure and so bright that it feels like a drug to me. Like when you look straight at the sun with your eyes wide open, it's paradise. So, I really had to make a "total white look" post. I've collected some of my favourite pictures over the web and also took a couple pictures in my white room with a white tee I bought last summer but never actually wore.

 here they are: 

and here's my picture xx

 wear it white!


Some months ago I was searching DIY fashion. It was the days I first used my sewing machine. I searched on how-to blogs and diy tutorials, and then on YouTube I found this brilliant Fashion Student, Q2Han. She's making clothes and Jewels out of nothing, with useful instructions on patterns and equipment, magnificent music on the background and a soft voice that really gets you. Here is one of my favourite videos of Q2Han on DIY jewelries:

if you are into fashion design and DIY stuff
this is the person you should FOLLOW

Demonia tempo 08

Demonia Tempo 08 Imitation Suede High Platform Lace-Up Unisex shoes

I know I shouldn't be doing this to myself right now that I have no money left but here's the demonia tempo 08. 100% veggie because leather and fur are off my interest and my closet, of course. They cost about $59.40 on, they are dark, pretty and a little weird, that's why we love them. Their platform is 3 1/2" big and got laces at the front. If anybody loves me a lot like i love you, Gifts accepted. contact me for address. xx