Two Portraits.

October is here! My most favourite month, my birthdy month!! So it has to start with something good, positive and creative. I decided I will share two portraits of mine that happened during summer, but absolutely show my love for cold, rainy days.

  • The first one is already my avatar picture, and one of my favourites ever. It was death hot outside, so I decided to make my little winter moment, just for my mood-up. I put the conditioning to like 15° C and I wore my Holy Mustache Bufain. It's such a pitty that the weather in Greece doesn't allow me to get full of wearing some of my clothes. 
  • And the second picture, was taken by my cousin Jim in his house. I absolutely love the colours and the lights in this one even though I look like an Ostrich, which can be good if you're a chicken. 

 Nikon F-301 
Olympus Go100

Castle in the sky


I know that my posts are still in the beginning of summer but I still got photos I'd love to share with you here and tell you the story behind it. so..

In the beginning of summer I had a long walk with my friend Tom (the day I found these "Two pretty little details"). But that wasn't all we saw. Some more stuff we loved and I couldn't resist capturing are the following.

  • Athens in the dusk: 1st The highway, right outside of the National Gallery of Greece. The lights were beautiful and the sky was promising. We weren't there for the gallery, but for the city. It's been a long time since I last got into the gallery. I think it was 2011, for Romantism, with drawings of PARIS 1900.
  •   2nd The city immersed into darkness bringing the deep blue sky right on stage. The first summer sky.
  • A bit earlier: A beautiful pink building with white columns and pretty details. ( I don't remember what it is used for but it seems like an Embassy or something.) I'm in love with neo-classical architecture. I dream the inside of them, with big bookshelves and pianos and long curtains. 

  • This may be my favourite picture, I have every taken. The house in the sky. It brings me this weird feeling of another place or world. Or maybe a Hayao Miyazaki film, when Howl and Sophie were in the Castle while it was flying up in the sky. This may be my dreamhouse: small, simple with a balcony and a view to the sky. 
by baby Nikon F-301 

This village has my same name!

Isn't it funny that this village has my same name? It's called "Callikrati". My great grandparents used to live there and half the reason my parents named me this way, is because of that. The other half is that "Callikrati" was also an architect in ancient  Greece. Him and Ictinus designed the Parthenon of Acropolis.  And my mother as a sculptor, wanted something special for me. But enough with the names. The village is made up of four widely separated neighborhoods that are  scattered on a small plateau in Lefka Ori with an average altitude of 540m. Let's see some mountain views close to Callikrati Village that I took during my summer vacation in July 2013.

The road going down leads to Kapsodasos village, to the southern part of  Crete. You can see the crystal clear waters from this last picture. It's one fun ride but be careful: you must be a good driver with patience or at least have my brother for a driver! 

Ps. When I got outside of the car to take these pictures, it felt like I had never breathed before. The purity of the air was nothing like what I've experienced in my 19 years of life. 

Pss. You should go there even once in your life just to breathe and watch the view.



It would be really unfair not to share those two pictures with you. The first one belongs to the sunrise and the last one to the sunset. Both taken by my Olympus Go 100, with kodak supercolor 200. There's absolutely no edit to the colours, it's exactly how the sky showed up in the sunrise, with purple shades and pink shades and the dark blue sea asking me to immerse.

On the other hand the sunset is a bit calm and easy. Like a bird flying down to the ground so gentle. I feel blessed to have experienced these moments somewhere so unique.

Water cave

 I will share with you another three pictures that I feel so deep. The sense of water caves make me nostalgic and bring tears into my eyes. I guess I was a mermaid boy once. Here, we're also in Agia Marina beach where we free-camped for five whole days. I got amazed about how beautiful nature is, enjoyed taking these photos so much, but homesickness was coming along. I guess I should practice my nature side more often.

Olympus Go 100 & Disposable Waterproof

Two pretty little details.

In the beginning of Summer 2013, I discovered two pretty details in two places I had visited the most, since I came to Athens, that I never really paid attention to. That makes six whole years.
The first one is in the Metropoleos Street, in the center of Athens. It's the details of the Metropoli Church. It's covered in sheet metals and fishnets, i think it's being repaired since forever. But in the front door that you can actually access, it's this beautiful architecture with crosses and columns, and a wall painting. If I'm not mistaken, it's the Archangel Gabriel foretelling to the virgin Mary the births of Jesus Christ. It's been three months already  since I took those pictures, forgive me if I'm wrong.

The second one is the grave inside the Syntagma metro station. We were passing next to this glass with ancient discoveries and there it was, a whole skeleton lying. It was pretty magnificent and instantlly caught my eye so I took a picture of it, and one with my friend Tom reacting to it.

What I will say to you, is to take another look at the places or buildings you hang out the most because you may discover something you 've never noticed!
loving the adventure,
Callikrati. x


Optique is about analog pictures and sense. Colours, films, nature and adventure. So I wanted to share with you some pictures I took during my summer holidays in Crete Island. I used a disposable waterproof analog camera for these two. They were taken in Agia Marina, a special beach in southern Crete with lovely corals, caves and bright blue water. You can see my weird toes and a bit of the seaplants and corals in the background.

I hope people enjoyed bright blue waters as much as I did this summer.
I wish you a beautiful autumn with warm jumpers and knits!
Callikrati O. Nozdryon


I recently fell for a specific fabric: the synthetic wool, the fluffy knit. It looks soft, comfortable, cool & most of all, cute! So my next goal is to focus on finding a perfect black fluffy jumper for some outstanding nights out. Let's see some designs with fluffy fabrics.