Twin Pigs

In Plaka, in the roots of Acropolis, is where I often find myself at. The architecture, the narrow streets and the wealthy flora are few of the things that make me go back again and again. What I will share with you in this post are the two little pigies I found decorating the entrance of a house. They are made of iron, and their design made me think of Miyazaki's animations immediately! 

The Rose & The Lilies

Last year the garden had a rose among the lilies and was super grown and beautiful! But after mum was away for a year nothing seems to be the same for our poor garden. I hope now she's back we're going to have a beautiful big garden again, with more lilies and roses and new flowers for me to take photos of!
ps. it's totally a fact that my cute Trip is in love with the dusk light. I love the dusk  
Olympus Trip 35

Feng Shui Shop

There is a little shop in Solonos Str. in Athens, that has everything I could ever dream of. Crystals, sculptures, books, jewels, incense and decoys, every little thing for a good Feng Shui. The first thing you see is a scuplture of Ganesha on a gemstone. Ganesha is my favourite indian god. As wikipedia says "Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom." The special thing about him is that he has an elephant head which makes him even more adorable! The pictures below turned out a bit blury 'cause my baby trip doesn't zoom and I did the bad thing to get too close to the objects. But you can definately feel the energy of this place and see how many beautiful things you can find there. 
Olympus trip 35