My beautiful Athens

 During summer, while I was having a walk in the neighbourhoods right outside Acropolis, I saw an entrance so I gave it a try and asked. It turned out visiting Acropolis is free for Students. It had been so many years since I last visited Acropolis and saw Parthenon, Karyatides and Athens from such a view! My company that day was Nikon F-301 and it seems now that it was the right choice. It's like the first time Nikon gives me such a vintage sense and I truly love it. 
One thing I also realised after this amazing walk I had while I was going up and up the stairs till I got inside Acropolis was that Athens is beautiful after all. It's just that you have to find the right spots. It's like being in a lake area and you prefer to sit under the trees and it turns out the trees are behind the hill hiding the lake. Wouldn't that be unfair?
And as always I'm bragging about my name because it's such an honor to me to have the name of this exact Architect! (Callicrates and Ictinus designed the Parthenon in Acropolis). I trully love every kind of culture and I wish for myself to have the chance to meet as many different cities, monuments and cultures as I can. I hope my films will never betray me, and so will I.
Love & Peace to the world for letting me have such an amazing day during the hot days of summer!

Embros Theatre

During the loneliest days of summer I discovered a beautiful theatre in the center of the city. It's quite hidden for those who don't explore. Embros theatre is free to the world, with a free contribution. I first visited Embros at the Queer Festival, with an amazing play of a trio which name fails me. It was hillarious and I didn't have a laugh like that for ages. The second time, I watched two plays into one night; Maria opos i Panagia (Maria like Virgin-Mary) and Kravgi (Scream). Kravgi really moved me and created new questions inside me about the female sex, in any of its forms.
It's a really interesting theatre with a sense one of a kind. Hope I'll watch another play soon there!
Nikon F-301
Fuji Superia 200

I'm back and happy

I am back with happy emotions and many inspirations and thoughts. The last few days I was out of the online world because of some Internet company stupidness so I couldn't post a thing. But now I'm bakc and I have some photos from the lovely summer I finally got to develope (still 6 films waiting on my bookshelf). I'm deeply in love with my Nikon F-301; it provides me a totally different way of expressing myself, so unique like all my cameras, which feels like I have many lovers that anytime I want I can pick one and dance with it. So in photography I'm up on polyamory I guess! ^_^

Let's see.. I will begin with a few pictures on this post that have to do with the warm light of a tiny room. A book, a candle, a few crystals I once picked off of a chandelier and myself, inside a room that often sleeps in time and stays there for a while. No sound, no interruption.
This book is about Alphonse Mucha, one of my favourite artist of all time. Which turns out most of them are around 1900. That's pretty weird.