There are million of pictures in my laptop, that I don't know what to do with. This time I went back and grabbed these four pictures of me and Tom, that we took a long time ago. And here's what happened: 
W E  G O T  A N I M A L  H E A D S 
(like hipsters)
 ps. it was an early morning out and we needed to finish this film roll. pss. it was really early in the morning

Portraits of Carmen

Here are some portraits of Carmen I took some weeks ago. The last one is by my Diana F+ Metropolis on yellow filter flash.

"How to Make An Apple Pie" by Callikrati

This is "How to make an Apple Pie" by Callikrati.
Mix flour and salt in a big bowl. Add olive oil and start to knead a little until you see many many little balls of flour. Add water, tablespoon after tablespoon and knead until you get a little more wet feeling. Continue kneading until you've got a decent result (watch out not to pour more water than it needs!). Put the dough in a plastic bag and place it in the fridge for an hour.
Filling: Put all the ingredients except the chopped Apples and Olive oil in a big bowl and mix. Put the chopped Apples in, and make sure they're equally covered with the rest of the ingredients. Mix them well. When the time has come for the dough to get out of the fridge, split it in two parts, one bigger than the other. Take the biggest part and stretch it to apply on your baking pan. After you've applied the bottom dough on the pan, place inside the filling and pour the 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Stretch the upper dough and apply it as well. 
Make sure you've made many many little holes with a fork on the top of the Apple Pie before you put it in the oven!

I really hope my recipe and photo-display was helpful! If any of you decide to go with this recipe, don't hesitate to send me YOUR Apple Pie
Have an amazing day everyone and Bon Appétit!

Bedroom Views.

Today the sky is cloudy and a bit of melancholy flies in the air. I shouldn't let it bring my mood down, so I'm posting my two bedroom views and their contrast. Outside my window you can see the sky, the top of  some building and apparently on the day the photo was taken some kind of lava-wave was heading my way. Isn't the sunset beautiful?
 On the other hand, you can see the tops of the mountain, Hymettus. It was a bright day, with tiny little clounds flying around. What do you guys think about me bedroom views?

Eve's portraits.

Here are some portraits of Eve I took within the last two months with her hair-colour change. Everyone keeps loving the red colour and it seems I do too, no matter how much I love the blonde.

Another Day In the National Garden.

On Thuesday noon, I met my dearest friend Konstantina. We had a walk in the National Garden, in Athens and I had the chance to take some photos there. Finally, the sunny/burning days have arrived in Athens and where else could I hide, if not in the Nat. Garden. Here are some photos of Konstantina, me & ofcourse I didn't miss to take extra ones for my project "BOTANIC". 
Have a good day everyone!

Happy Mother's Day!

It's been so many years since I got into photography but I rarely take pictures of my mother. A week ago or so, I finally captured her in her natural environment, our garden. She totally looks like a mexican woman in here. "we were talking about it with Carmen yesterday."  
So here is a post dedicated to this lovely day of telling our mothers how special they are!
Happy Mother's Day!

Hymettus mountain

A walk in the mountain of Hymettus can lead to some pretty nature photographs. Me and Carmen decided to go for a walk there, as I never had the chance. It's about 10 minutes away from our house but I never really made the effort. She showed me the paths and the views, and I got the time to take a lot of pictures. The shades of the colours were incredible and was pretty much a relief for me to be in such a beautiful environment. Now it's one of my favourite places.
Hope you all like them xx


Some portraits of bongo, my babyboo and roommate.