Trip to Syros Island (part 05)

The last part of the "Trip to Syros Island" posts is here. Closing up with my actual first day on the island; the Apollo Theater, a magnificent architectural miracle, in which, I got informed later, that Sarah Bernhardt used to play in the past. One more reason to love this place! I watched the opera "Rigoletto" by Verdi, in which my friend Emmanuel participated. Red seats, smooth yellow lights, little boxes with people waiting for the opera to begin; it was simply stunning. After the show, I couldn't resist taking more pictures of  the theater and of course Emmanuel. Outside the room a statue of the ancient greek god Apollo playing the lyre; the sign of the Apollo Theater. It was the best way my trip to Syros could begin! Music, soft lights and my camera.
There's one more film I haven't taken to the lab yet, so I may show up with an extra post in the future!

Apollo Theater

Trip to Syros Island (part 04)

One of the most amazing places I visited during my trip to Syros island was the church of St. Nicholas. I'm known for my passion on religious art (even though I'm not religious) and this church was quite an art piece. It's rare for me to like an orthodox church. Catholic ones are much more my taste. But this specific one was totally an exception. The minute I saw the blue dome I had a connection with it. When I stepped inside the church, I felt this peaceful vibe, listening to low volume chants playing on the back. The things that moved me the most  was the chandeliers and the deep red backlight, glowing from the sanctuary. The church of St. Nicholas is one of the first places one must visit if having a trip to Syros.
 St. Nicholas Church

Trip to Syros Island (part 03)

Goodmorning guys! Following the previous two posts from my trip to Syros island, here comes the third one. It's focused on two of the many museums I visited; the Industrial Museum, which is basically exhibiting machines from the late1800, more or less, like steam engines, ship engines, the first printing machine that arrived in the island brought from London and many many more which, to be honest, I couldn't really understand 'cause I have no clue about these things, but it was fun and pretty. (oh god I'm so dumb.) There were also some clothing and pharmacy equipment. The next one was the Pancycladic Archaeological Museum, which is part of the Town Hall building, displays Hellenistic and Roman sculptures, as well as inscriptions, memorial stones and utilitarian objects. One can also see scripts from the excavations and the surveys. I'm definetely suggesting these two museums in case you have a trip to Syros. Hope you like my photographs! Until then, have a great week everyone! :)
Industrial Museum

Pancycladic Archaeological Museum

Trip to Syros Island (part 02)

Hello everyone! Here is my second post from my trip to Syros island, including my visit to a Culture Center, some views in the Ermoupolis Town Hall and a café. When I took my self photograph, I was in a brilliant building where I watched some rehearsals and visited two exhibitions. I couldn't find a proper translation of the center but it's focused on culture and arts. (Πνευματικό Κέντρο Σύρου.) 
The building was filled with vintage wooden furniture which I absolutely adored. I couldn't resist but to take a self picture there. Afterwards, I entered the Cycladic Museum, in which you can see several statues and utilitarian objects from the cycladic period. The kids in the second picture were there to tour me around the room and tell me all about the exhibits and their history. It was fascinating! They were also exhibiting their artwork, so I took a picture of them with their own creations.
In the rest three pictures you can see the Town Hall; pretty much an old palace with stunning architecture and several exhibits, like a horse-drawn carriage which belonged to the Empress Elisabeth of Austria.I didn't feel like taking a picture of it. And in the last picture you can see my favourite café. Just looking at it was like painting a canvas.
In the next up-coming posts I'll show and tell you more about this beautiful island! Until then, have a great Sunday!

Ermoupolis Town Hall

Trip to Syros Island (part 01)

About ten days ago, I went to Syros Island for a trip. It's been such a long time since I visited a clean city, with architectural harmony and taste. I got the chance to take some photos which I will present to you in parts. In this part you can see a view of  Ermoupolis by the sea, an abandoned house with some flower details, and of course a boungainvillea. The island was literally filled with boungainvillea flowers on almost every corner of it. And it was stunning!
ps. i ended up with more stupid mobile photos, and less film photographs so I will be showing you only a small part of the island on film photographs.