Argiroupoli, Rethymno Crete.

Argirouli, Rethymno Crete.

Rethymno, Crete

My Brother.

The Observer.

As every summer, I spent some weeks in my village in Crete. I couldn't have enough of the mountain views in Argiroupoli. So I didn't miss to capture many of them with my nikon-F 301 and a Lomo 800iso film (my first try of a 800iso film). You can also see some evening views in Rethymno, my brother and a curious photographer/observer. What I realised this summer is that I'm more of a mountain person than one of the sea. xx

Numismatic Museum/BETON7/ARTWALL

Numismatic Musem. Athens


July/after my trip to Syros island i visited some exhibitions with Chrysostomos and the Numismatic Museum with Melina. 

Extras from Trip to Syros Island.

Bye bye, Syros!
I finally got developed my last film from Syros Island, which includes nothing more or less than views, day and night, the Apollo statue in the Apollo Theater and a picture while I was on the ship. It turns out, I really miss Syros!