In early August 2015 we had a trip to south-west Chania. It took about 4 hours in the car from my house in Rethymno, but we took advantage of it with a lot of snacks and a lot of laughs. When we arrived at Lafonisi, the famous beach with the pink sand, we were stunned by the beauty of this place. Then we went  to Kedrodasos, a beach in the hug of a Forest of Kedros trees, where we stayed for the next 5 days. Everything there was mysterious, the people, the waters, the rocks. The best memory of this adventure would be a sailboat that appeared in the  evening, maybe on our second or third day in Kedrodasos. It wasn't very far from the beach and at night a million little lights turned on. With a pitch black background and a sky full of stars, it was like a scene from Peter-Pan or a dream.



One of the best experiences during this so-full-of-adventures summer was going to Kournas Lake in Chania, Crete. I had a nice trip there with Eve and Alex where we had a tasteful lunch by the lake and then we rent a waterbike for like 8 euros for an hour. THAT WAS AWESOME. I hadn't been in Kournas since I was a little kid and going on a waterbike again brought memories. Except the fact that I was afraid of droping my camera and my cell into the lake everything else was great. I relaxed, enjoyed the distance from the ground and also scared Eve by going superfast on circles. I'm totally going back next year!


The last post of my trip to Syros island during the summer of 2015, the last concert by the Greek Opera Studio at the Apollo Theatre in Hermoupolis, the last pictures on board looking back to Syros and the first and best view in Athens, Acropolis and a magical moon.

Cybele Institute: a dive into the sea of theatre.

I must admit I'm not a good low-light photographer. I mean, how could I even be when I hate flash and the only films I got with me on the trip to Syros were only 200-400iso ? But let's not stick to that. Here's my review on Cybele Institute in Syros. A space where the history of greek theatre and the life of one of the greatest greek stage Actresses is staying. Jewels, Costumes, everyday things that Cybele used, a Byzantine Head by Alphonse Mucha and even a picture of Sarah Bernhardt. I watched a documentary about Cybele's life and the people there were so kind that they gave me a tour to the Mansion, right next to the Intitute, where Cybele and all the next generations lived. I had the chance to photograph almost every corner of it and also meet the grand daughter of Cybele. Art was everywhere.