Rhodes/Athens. lomo lomo lomo

The end of "Journey Diaries: Rhodes" series with some lomographs in the Acropolis of Rhodes, a walk with Marigo, Varvara and Melina, and then a few more in Athens with my beloved and talented friend Dima Kochaji!
View at the Acropolis of Rhodes. Marigo Carmen and myself.
Melina and Varvara with their animal hats.
All four of us on our last drink in Rhodes.
Melina and me saying goodbye!
Another Bougainvillea!
 Church in Argyroupoli, Athens.
Creative meeting with Dima at the Acropolis Museum.
Parthenon and Athens' sky.


This is the fifth and  last day in Rhodes Island. On Monday, I woke up early in the morning and left right away with my sister in order to visit the Acropolis of Rhodes. On our way up to the highest place in the city of Rhodes we met a cow, we saw the Ancient Stadium and also gazed at the magnificent view. After that we walked down to the city of Rhodes, booked our tickets for our return and then met Varvara and Melina for our final walk in the city. I was lucky enough to find more beautiful details of Rhodes on our way to a special cafe right next to the beach where we also met some crazy ancient-greek-dressed tourists <3 
On the next and final post from this series you'll see my lomo film.
The cow.
The Ancient Stadium.
The Theater of Dionysus.
What is left from the Acropolis Monuments.
Aw this view.. 
Marigo with her new hat and the deep blue waters.
City views.
Loved them!
Last pictures on the ship.


It's the fourth day of our trip to Rhodes Island. On Sunday I had another walk with my mother and sister around the old town, had a cup of coffee at a ship-cafe and I also did some gift-shopping for my loved ones for when I'm back in Athens. After that we ate the most delicious souvlaki I've ever tasted and in the afternoon we had some peace time at the beach.
My mother and Sister after the Ship-Cafe.
Look at this Turkish masterpiece of Architecture!
Marigo Carmen in the crystal clear waters.
Hello mum!