In case you're looking for a place to visit, a little escape out of the city, Argyroupoli Village in Crete, which is located in Rethymno county, is quite perfect for you. While you're there enjoying the sight-seeing and the stunning landscapes make sure to visit Halkidio. It's easy to find in the upper village of Argyroupoli. Coffee and drinks, local food by my own father and the amazing view of the great mountains. My brother will be there to service and talk with you or if you're lucky enough you may catch him playing traditional cretan music with his laouto. A variety of wealthy plants and flowers will surround you as well, like Bougainvillea, Basil, Peppers or even Ginger. Here you can see different spots of the yard of  Halkidio and the extraordinary view of the great mountains. 

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Me and my sister Lia made a sudden trip to Crete. A 5 days trip with our dog Bongo, who now lives in the village where he surely is happier and healthier! In Crete I managed to take many photographs of our traditional cafe/taverna in Argyroupoli Village in Rethymno, plants and nature views. I had a really good time with my brother Manolis, my father and grandfather as well. I used only one 35mm film with my Nikon F-301 but I'll surely take more when I'm back in August.  The photographs are not organized chronologically.
Many little sunflowers.
My brother Manolis playing the Laouto.
Details of the HALKIDIO cafe/taverna. The next post will be all about it.
Lia in the yard lighting a cig.
 Mountain view in Argyroupoli Village, Rethymno.
Sea view from Argyroupoli Village.
House detail in Argyroupoli Village.
Beach at Episkopi.
Horizon in Souda Port, Chania. 06:00am