Stavros Niarchos Foundation: Architecture and the exhibition of Panayiotis Tetsis

One of the amazing things happening in Athens this summer is the opening of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. A new, enormous, majestic building which will house the National Library and the National Opera as well. Its architecture is modern, geometric and it somehow reminds me of the Acropolis Museum. On this Saturday afternoon I decided to visit with some friends 'cause we've been hearing all about it. By chance, we came across the exhibition of Panayioti Tetsis and a latin american music night. Unfortunately we couldn't explore the whole building, but I'm really excited to do so, when it's allowed.

More about the SNF and the Exhibition can be found here.

DODONA: the oracle of sounds and the Acropolis Museum

It's been less than a week since I am back in Athens and I'm already here at the Acropolis museum. I meet Manos and we have our espresso by this magnificent view thinking about the possibilites this city has to offer. After two whole months living and working in Crete island, the contrast is strong. I drink my espresso too fast to be honest, so I order a dessert to begin my day sweetly. Later we walk around the exhibits which I've seen a million times now, down to the temporary exhibition about "DODONA; the oracle of sounds". There we find a world very similar to ours, letters on lead by the ancient people asking the oracle for an answer about matters of love, family and business. Overall I feel happy for the existence of this museum in my city, which works fine and in which I can be educated and interested.

Museum restraurant view and details.
Exhibits at the entrance of the museum, russian origin.
Exhibits and details inside the space of the exhibition "DODONA; the oracle of sounds".
View and a well at the museum of Acropolis.

Hours and ticketing for your visit at the Acropolis Museum >>here<<