Kedrodasos has been the paradise of my summer. And I keep realizing this as I look back to these photos of our adventure. Fall is already here and whenever I feel emotional or frustrated I bring these pictures in my head and I'm smiling again! On this particular day we woke up early, as everyday, had a swim, ate our fruits and relaxed till noon. Around 7 pm we got our backpacks, put sunscreen on, I got my camera and we left our tends. Our destination was Elafonisi, not very far from Kedrodasos, but the hiking was inevitable. We arrived quite late because we stopped to get foods and water for when we go back. It was about 8.30 pm and the whole beach was almost empty, exactly like we wanted it to be. We caught the sunset just in time and enjoyed a pretty freezy swim in Elafonisi. The pink sand and sunset light was pretty-to-cry-for.

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