For quite a while now I have been working in Argyroupoli village in Crete. In August, Nika, Ioanna and Manos traveled to Crete and kidnapped me to make a trip to Kedrodasos, South Chania. That was a great excuse for me to experiment with my new digital camera and make a few posts up in here. The first part is about Argyroupoli village, our walk at the springs, amongst Platanus trees and the lake. Ofcourse before leaving the village we had to get food from the local bakery. Many of the pictures were taken while the car was moving, but I have to share the views anyway. We went through a lot of mountains and villages, lost our way, stopped at the supermarket, stopped to get coffee. Ioanna insisted to steal some grapes from a yard of a house that looked somewhat abandoned so we stopped there as well. Finally we made it to Kedrodasos. We fixed our tends just before the sunset and in the morning, we had some visitors at the beach, two cute little goats which I ran off my tend to capture. It was a great beginning at the most beautiful, peaceful and dreamy beach of the world.

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