NEW MASCULINITY at Blender Studio

"New Masculinity" exhibition took place this weekend at Blender Studio, Berlin. It consisted of major photographers' work, some of which I fell deeply in love with. Blender was full of sharp faces and a vibe of new masculinity. In the following pictures you can see a few of these works, the faces and details. 
More info about the event CLICK


On a day trip to Lagonisi, I had my first swim after one whole year. At this resort the colours were classic, blue and white. It's a strange feeling to feel peaceful again, after so long. I had really missed the sea. 


Going home - saying goodbye to Berlin and after eight whole months traveling back to Athens. Ronja and I hugged the most out of Vera, and went on board. Getting back on the grounds that most raised me, I to got understand the importance of the roots. When there is a place that you belong, you are never alone, never lost and never helpless. On our first days I tried my best to walk around Athens and visit Acropolis, the streets I mostly know and regain familiarity with my city. Apart from that, Ronja should get to know all these places as well. Marigo, my sister, took us to an absolute favourite cafe "Yiasemi" under the Acropolis, where we had the some delicious cakes and drinks. On this post you can see our trip and some spots I fell in love with on our first days.