Náfplio: full blue and nine hundred ninety nine steps.

Last summer, during my journey back to Greece, I made this short trip to Náfplio. First time visiting, the few keywords that would describe the place for me would be blue, rooftops and millions and millions of steps. With my bestie Ronja we decided to actually walk all the way up to Palamidi; a fortress to the east of the Acronauplia in the town of Náfplio. We started pretty early in the morning after only two hours of sleep that took place in an empty plaza. A bit of coffee and we were already climbing.. Looking back I cannot even believe we actually made it to the top. In this post I include photographs I took through the whole process of going up, deep blue sensation, nature details and last but not least our final drinks in this spectacular city, before taking the bus back to Athens. Náfplio is surely dreamy and unforgettable.